Whitecloud StarMade Server

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Have fun!

PVP is allowed, but not encouraged. If you are attacked you are allowed to defend yourself.

PVP Refunds

PVP Refunds are given to those, who have been attacked and got their ship destroyed. No Refunds will be given to the attacker in any case.

PVP Around Shops

Around a shop PVP is strictly prohibited. These areas are safe zones for building and trading.

PVP On Player Stations

Stations created by players and only stations created by players are strictly no PVP unless the owner or faction specifically designates their station an arena or battleground.

Faction PVP

You may declare another faction your enemy, but a faction war is only valid when the opposite side declares you their enemy as well. These wars may be fought anywhere, but shops and other peaceful sectors and stations. Faction PVP is discouraged and will be monitored closely.

Friendly Fire

Any case of friendly fire counts as an attack and the attacker loses any right of compensation for losses. The attacked can request a refund, but will only be granted after investigation.


Ownership And Refunds

A station may be owned by an individual or a faction and are the sole responsibility of either entity. Refunds will be given, if stations are damaged or destroyed by third parties outside of a declared and acknowledged war. Refunds will not be given to stations, which do not comply with §3.2.

Building Constraints

Stations may be built wherever, but with enough space left to shops and other stations. Stations may also be built on planets and asteroids. Stations are large structures no question, however to ensure server performance and to minimize client lag stations should not be larger than a sector. Land based stations are obviously limited to the planet size and should not exceed them by a large margin.

Abandoning Old Structures

If you want to abandon a station in space or on a planet, please either label it clearly or remove large parts or the whole structure. An abandoned station is not free to be blown up, but can be harvested and harvested only. Any abandoned structure may be reused, an indication of this needs to be visible.


The use of Blueprints as a source for refunding ships and importing your beloved creations is permitted. However any abuse of the functionality will result in serious consequences. As abuse counts:

-Cluttering with a large amounts of blueprints of the same or similar ships, please save one version of your ship and delete obsolete versions and blueprints.

-Using Blueprints to gain resources in large quantities. You may salvage a ship from a blueprint, if the shop has run out resources. You should avoid this as best as possible by letting a Staff Member know of a shop being out of stock.

-Using overly large and heavy blueprints to cause server lag or even crashes, when loading them from the catalog. Please let a Staff Member know, if you attempt to load a large blueprint, so the server can be restarted, if necessary.

Planets And Asteroids

Planets may be harvested and mined for resources, just like Asteroids. If an Asteroid is nearly completely gone, please remove it completely so ships cannot get stuck on them. Harvested planets may be blown up for target practice or entertainment, but only the ones mined by you and without endangering others.

Pirate And Non Player Generated Stations

These space stations may be mined for resources or used as Player Stations. The latter needs to be clearly visible.

Pirates And Fleets

Both, should they attack, fall under §2.

Age Restrictions And Language

Age Restrictions

As any normal online organization a minimum age of 13 years is required to play on the Server. If you are younger than 13 years you require a parent to give you consent prior to connecting to the Server. A mature and friendly behavior is encouraged at any age. Childish and unfriendly behavior will have your stay shortened significantly.

Chatter And Objects

Mature or even offensive language sometimes cannot be avoided while chatting, however excessive use of such language will cause consequences. Any name-able object should be named in a general language, failure do so will result in serious consequences.


The consequences of any misconduct or violation of the paragraphs above are the sole responsibility of the Staff. Do not attempt self justice or backseat moderating, this too will result in consequences.

The severances of these consequences can vary and is dependent on the individual case. The Staff will attempt to find the proper consequences, but will not always meet everyone’s opinion.

Server Uptime And Stability

The Server much like StarMade itself is still in alpha and will not always perform perfectly. Restarts and changes can and will happen. The Staff will try it’s best to keep any inconveniences away from the Players, but cannot always assure that. Should there be a problem with performance, please let a Staff Member know. This is the same for any other problem you might run into.

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