Server Overview

Server Specifications:

Operating System: Linux Debian 7.0

CPU: Intel I7 4770k @ 3,4GHz


Harddrives: 2x 2.000GB SATA II

Connection: 200MBit Switchport to 1GBit outbound

Monthly Price: 49€


Installed Support for Minecraft:

Java 1.6, Java 1.7, MySQL Supported, SQLite Supported, PHP 4, PHP 5.3, Apache SFTP

Advanced Administration Script





Non-Commercial Freehoster License, 10 virtual Servers, 512 Slots

Your own 50 Slot Server

Grows with usage from 20 to up to 70 Slots!

Own Port, if requested


File Hosting:

Webspace from

CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon

RAM: 64 GB

Capacity: 150GB SSD

Main Address:

Connection: 1GBit Switchport –> 480 GBit Direct Backbone to DE-CIX

Access to FTP

Up to 20GB of Space for each user!

Up to 4 Sub-Domains from for each user.

Java, Javascript, PHP 5.3 and MySQL(if requested) for small Websites..


StarMade Server:

StarMade Server with unlimited Slots!

Up to 8GB RAM

Specially designed management Script!

Own Port(if available)


Terraria Server:

Terraria Server with variable Map Size

Own Port(if available).

Oplogin, Console, Map-Upload and much more!

Up to 100 Slots per Server!

All free of charge!


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